The Lake of Madine has a surface of 1100 ha.

There is a wide range of species, from large to small, such as pike, zander, carp, catfish, tench and roach.


Some record catches were made there

  • Pike of 1m36 for 16,7 kg
  • Carp of 28.9 kg
  • Catfish of 1m90 for 40 kg

Of course fishing is a very regulated leisure. The right to fish the lake of Madine is entrusted to the AAPPMA "les Pêcheurs de Madine".

It will be possible to fish day and night on two different sites:
the Lac de Madine and the Etang du Haut Chemin.

Fishing friends

For security reasons, the posts on the island of Bois Gérard (23/24/25 and 26) are no longer available for rental.
We apologize for this inconvenience to our customers.

La Direction

Fishing in a boat


Boat fishing is allowed but the boats and lines must of course be located in the authorized fishing zones.

You can obtain your card and/or an access badge for the Nonsard dam (5€/year) only when you buy a card for the year from the Maison de promenades (0329.89.32.50)

The circulation of boats with thermal engines is forbidden, only boats with electric engines are allowed

Lovers of nature, fishing and peace

The Lac de Madine proposes to the rent two lodgings with sites of fishing posts in the vicinity on the l’Etang du Haut Chemin.

List price

(Stations N°23/24/25 and 26 – Carp of night Lac de Madine (on reservation) POSTS NOT AVAILABLE CURRENTLY

Possibility of renting lodgings

7 days (from Saturday 10am to Saturday 10am)220 €
5 days (Monday 9am to Friday 10am)130 €
Weekend 3 days (from Friday 10am to Sunday 10am)120 €
Additional day45 €

Fishing Cards

Major card with CPMA stamp112 €
Major card without CPMA stamp75.80€
Extra charge for the night course100 €
Boat vignette30 €

Day pass with CPMA stamp18 €
Day pass without CPMA stamp14.10 €
Boat vignette3 €

Holiday card with CPMA stamp33 €
CPMA Stamp Free Holiday Card20 €
Extra charge for boat fishing for the weekly card period20 €
Extra charge for the night run for the weekly card period30 €

Minor card with CPMA stamp21 €
Minor card without CPMA stamp18.50 €
Discovery card without CPMA stamp (under 12 years old)5.50 €
Discovery card with CPMA stamp (under 12 years old)6 €
Women's Discovery Card for the year without stamp20.80 €
Women's year-round discovery card with stamp35 €