The ornithological observatory

Pointe aux Chênes

This equipment offers an unobstructed view of the water, the Green Island and the island of Bois Gérard. Two small openings allow to contemplate the activity of the birds in the reedbed.

Access is via a footbridge on stilts and only on foot by taking the ornithological discovery trail. It can accommodate up to 30 people and is accessible to people with disabilities (parking at the entrance of the access path).

Ornithological discovery trail


Bar du Lac in Madine Heudicourt. Follow the signs on the spot. Two variants allow to discover the site

The "Memories of Travelers" trail

(6km round trip)

This trail offers a playful discovery of migratory birds. Madine is a vital stopover on their migratory route and offers these birds good conditions to rest, to reproduce in summer or to protect themselves from the cold of winter. The route leads to the ornithological observatory.

The "Paysage de Mémoire" trail

(2km round trip)

The site of Madine preserves many traces linked to the evolution of the landscape and its history: that of before the creation of the lake, of the first world war or of the development of the water level. On this route, the history of Madine is described with humor, according to stories that are sometimes implausible…

Passing by the knights’ dike, you will reach Madine-Nonsard and the Maison des Promenades. On the way, you may have the chance to see some birds on the perches planted for this purpose.