We inform you of the preventive measures following the detection of cases of avian influenza in Lake Madine.

The Prefect of Meuse and the Prefect of Meurthe-et-Moselle have decided by prefectural decree to take certain measures to prevent any risk of the virus spreading to domestic poultry, which would have serious health and economic consequences.

Be careful, take care of yourself and your animals.

Article 1 :

Access and circulation around Lake Madine on the territories of the municipalities of Buxieres sous les Côtes, Heudicourt sous les Côtes, Lahayville, Montsec, Nonsard-Lamarche, Richecourt for the department of Meuse and Essey-et-Maizerais, Pannes and Saint Baussant for the Meurthe-et-Moselle department within a perimeter of 100 meters around the plenissium flumen (highest water in the lake) are prohibited.

Article 2 :

Hunting and fishing activities are prohibited on the waters of Lake Madine and within a perimeter of 100 meters around the plenissium flumen (highest water in the Lake).

Article 3 :

These prohibitions apply to people and vehicles as well as to domestic animals, with the exception of state services duly instructed and persons authorized by them.

Article 4 :

All the activities provided for by the inter-prefectural decree n ° 2021-8487 of September 9, 2021, laying down specific police regulations for the exercise of boating and sports and leisure activities on Lake Madine , are prohibited.

Article 5 :

The activities of the golf de Madine, the equestrian center of Madine, the brewery of the Port and the campsites located around the lake of Madine are authorized within the respect of the previously defined perimeter.

Article 6 :

The provisions of this decree are applicable immediately and will be subject to regular review in the light of changes in the health situation.